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Antiquity windchime $18.46 SHIPPING & HANDLING: $76.92 DISCOUNT: $0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 9-14days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 5 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Material : Antiquity glass bottle
Dimension : 23 x 8 inches
Handmade windchime made by upcycling more than 20 pieces of hand-cut and polished glass. This dense and long windchime brings a lot of positivity in the house & reduces our contribution to the glass that would otherwise end up in a landfill

Country of Origin - India

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	 								Art Gilehri was started with a mission to create functional products out of glass waste. I upcycle bottles into lamps, chimes, pen stands, t-light holders & anything that can be customized.  also work vehemently with glass in the form of paintings, coasters, hangings. Every item you purchase takes 1 item away from getting into landfill & staying put for years. So, join me on this bottle rescue mission & we will be happy to include your ideas into it as much as possible. 
Each and every item is handmade by me for you :)
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