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Hand Painted Subramanyam Family Nesting Dolls set of 3

Hand Painted Subramanyam Family Nesting Dolls set of 3 $13.46 SHIPPING & HANDLING: $6.92 DISCOUNT: 0% TIME TO DISPATCH: 6-8days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 2 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Material : Wood
Dimension : Ht Doll 1 - 10.6cm, Doll 2 - 6.35cm, Dolls 3 - 4.5cm
Cherish the simplicity of south families with our regional Subramanyam family dolls set of 3. Decorated with bright and happy colours of the local origin, this set will surely bring a biiiiiiig smile on the faces of whoever sees it. Hand painted and specially created for the love of Indian traditions. Just place them to your favourite corner and you are good to go. Care Instructions - Use a slightly damp cloth to clean. Wipe dry. Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects across the wooden surface

Country of Origin - India

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