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Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Size : 20x36 inches
A beautiful analogy to astronomical occurrences is painted here. As per Ramayana, Hanuman in his childhood thought sun as a fruit and flies to eat the sun. He didn’t eat it. But came closer. Once Hanuman was very hungry and was demanding fruit from his mother. But she was busy and asked him to wait. Hanuman sees orange sun and thinks that it is a big orange fruit. So he jumps in the sky to swallow it. While Surya enjoys this child’s play, Indra was not amused. He hits Hanuman with his Vajra, which enrages Vayu (Hanuman’s father). So Vayu (wind god) stops all the wind flow across the universe, which starts troubling people. Hearing this, Indra and other gods revive Hanuman and offer him many boons. Surya, for his turn, becomes Hanuman’s guru and teaches him all the Vedas. We know that the human body survives on the Pancha Pranas. They are the Prana, Apana, Vyana, Samana, and the Udana. Hanuman in his boyhood may be symbolic of the uncontrolled, unbridled energy which manifest from the misbalance of these Prana Vayus. Surya is symbolic of Gnana (knowledge), which if non-existant (if hanuman with his un-controlled energy were to devour it) would have led to Agnana (Ignorance). Ignorant of the Atman or true-self, Hanuman ventures towards the sun envisioning it to be a mere red fruit even when in reality, knowledge (gnana) was right in front of him. It is only when knowledge strikes, that the self becomes aware of the atman, shuns ego, and merges with the parabrahman (supreme-consciousness). On a materialistic plane, Hanuman in boyhood is in-fact, ourselves searching everywhere for a reason to live. Our qualms and musings. Senses of failure, and successes. Desires and sense of need. We all worship Hanuman because of his bravery, his courage and strength and although he was a yogi ! and as it is impossible to eat the Sun but, it's not impossible to fly! Yogis can fly if we know something on “udaan prana” if we have red yog darshan and also maharshi Patanjali mentioned

Country of Origin - India

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	 								Born in 1987 in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra & working in Pune, (Maharashtra) as an artist. I obtained G.D. Art from Mumbai University (Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune). Also has completed  PG in Indology from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune.
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