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Material : Synthetic wood frame
Size : 12x16 inches
With the transformation of time and motion, dance has been the voice of many. So, now it is consistent with the symbol of joy, a symbol of happiness, a symbol of sorrow, a symbol of possession, a symbol of spiritual powers, a symbol of strength, and a symbol of many others. Dance does not see any religion nor does it sees any caste, the print try to portrait. If you think of going deep down the message delivered by the print, you will discover a lot many truths. Embedded in acrylic glass and with the best quality synthetic wood frame, the image illustrates the reality of devotional, spiritual, and pure forms of happiness and power in the present aura. The wall art in your wall decor will make the surroundings positive with a happy message delivered at your corner. Hot air balloons are the negative feelings driving off your soul and the ribbons are the symbol of joy and the entry of happiness in your life

Country of Origin - India

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Fatfatiya is a brand that creates contemporary Indian design - accessories, home decor, artifacts and home furnishings. Fatfatiya was born out of a thought to re-look art and design that reflected India.

We adapt traditional designs and colors to make them distinctly contemporary, pop, and quirky, thereby creating a fun new home-grown aesthetic.

 The name Fatfatiya comes from the local three-wheel transport, auto rickshaw that is commonly seen in Rajasthan. Beautifully decorated, fatfatiyas are bright, vibrant, fun and quirky and our biggest inspiration.

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