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Red Arrow Head Recycled Rug $18.45 $12.29 PRODUCT CODE: FDDR030. SHIPPING & HANDLING: $23.08 DISCOUNT: $6.15 TIME TO DISPATCH: 0-2days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier


Carpet Size


Material : Recycle Polyester
Size : 24×36 Inches
A rug with a pattern of arrow head with the uses of both light and dark color combination. The design in the rug is a reminder of the design of the stone age. If you love history then this design is for you. Rugs are often thought of as a way to improve their home décor. Rugs come in every design, material, and color you can think of. Brightly colored or whimsical rugs can make a statement. A traditional or neutral patterned rug can be a great complement to any room. For contrast, you might place a darker rug on a lighter floor. Rugs add warmth and texture to any space. Rugs can anchor a space, define it, add warmth and layer décor.

Country of Origin - India

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Fatfatiya is a brand that creates contemporary Indian design - accessories, home decor, artifacts and home furnishings. Fatfatiya was born out of a thought to re-look art and design that reflected India.

We adapt traditional designs and colors to make them distinctly contemporary, pop, and quirky, thereby creating a fun new home-grown aesthetic.

 The name Fatfatiya comes from the local three-wheel transport, auto rickshaw that is commonly seen in Rajasthan. Beautifully decorated, fatfatiyas are bright, vibrant, fun and quirky and our biggest inspiration.

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