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Saraswati Global Carpet Charcoal Natural Wool Laurel Hand-Tufted

Saraswati Global Carpet Charcoal Natural Wool Laurel Hand-Tufted 36,053.00 27,039.75 SHIPPING & HANDLING: 0.00 DISCOUNT: 25% TIME TO DISPATCH: 0-2days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 8 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier


Carpet Size


Material : Natural Wool
Size : 5x7.6, 8x10 ft
Considering adding a creative touch to your home's flooring? Bring a Solid grey color floor carpet for your home to make your decor stand out and enhance your atmosphere. These Hand-Woven online carpets will undoubtedly give your living room a cozy, relaxing appeal thanks to their unusual artwork and high-quality materials.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								While making your floor more bright and colorful, we aim to offer you a true and beautiful piece of art at a justified price. With this section, we exhibit the most innovative and exquisite designs crafted intricately with the finest quality yarns. Have a look at our superior carpet collections of supreme design standards.
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