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Nostalgia Of Steam Locomotives 29

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Material : Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension : 40in x 44in
I was born in a place where I had the opportunity to see STEAM LOCOMOTIVES. It was 1976 to 1988; throughout the day I was watching the steam locomotives, it was running in front of me with the sound of whistling and steam. For me it was big nostalgia. The huge presence of his body, with the color of dark black and white smoke, it was making me crazy. I never forget the smell of steam. Everything encouraged me to bring them down at the surface of my canvas.
I went to the locomotive workshop day after day to study them from a close look. I remember that, the using of black, brown, sepia and white color palette was making me extremely mad. I seriously had fallen in love to study of steam locomotive engine. I felt the huge weight of the engine, when it was passing through me. I loved everything about them.
The fireman and driver were always in a particular dress of dark blue with a cap. All time they looked black because of the dust of coal and grease. I loved to sketch them, study their faces with pen and ink, charcoal and soft pastel pencil. I was always being touchy to draw them. I tried to catch their emotions in their character. Watching their lifestyles, listening their story, sometimes I might be their family friend. Sometimes they lunched under the engine, sometimes sitting in the line, sometimes in the engine. They have a particular aluminum lunchbox. In lunch time they were chatting out family story and all. Occasionally I used to join with them. Still now I recall the smell of food.
That is how the Nostalgia of steam locomotives came.

Dimensions : 44in X 33in
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

Country of Origin - India

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