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ANS initiated with a purpose to evoke reaction consequently designing clothes that are very proactive yet practical. We believe fashion is infectious & stimulating, sensible, impractical, exaggerated, powerful, seductive. Clothes remain the most perfect medium for exploitation of our thoughts. Therefore we present our collection to all the beautiful independent women there.


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			 								Young, quirky and fresh, Gen-Next designers Astha Sethi and Sidharth Arora’s approach to fashion often gets them strong reviews.
Sidharth Arora wanted to be a designer and Astha wanted to be a commercial artist. The schoolmates had framed their aspirations together but landed in opposite tracks. In the process of helping each other on college projects, “we developed the sense of what we like and dislike which helps us define our label today. Our clothes are provocative, bold but balanced to be wearable”.
Both have a strong individual sense of style. They believe in being “unique and flaky in a good way” and want to create looks “that would be referred to even after 50 years as a style genre”, says Astha.

Sidharth’s strong sense of imagination also makes him a fair critic. Their work and brand is a culmination of their experiences and yet, they are in a constant phase of evolution. On a rough day, their roles include “being everything from a driver to a pattern master, a store manager, a sales person, a merchandiser, to tailor and not to forget a designer.” On calmer days, it includes “fashion illustrations, sourcing interesting trinkets from markets and buying fish for the office aquarium,” says Siddharth.


10-15 days


since the orders are made to order , we don't take returns , there can only be an exchange for the size


Our clothing is made with affection , most of our clothing is made by using handicraft like block printing , tie and dye, making each piece unique,color variation and irregularities is the beauty of this work .
To retain this piece for a longer time treat your garment with care , dry clean or gentle wash with mild detergent .
excess dyes may bleed in initial washes.


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