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Ritu Chopra

I am an artist, I paint. Feelings and sub-conscious thought processes in my mind drive my hands to paint. The only conscious effort on my part is to try and put form to these feelings and thoughts. As they come straight from my heart, all my paintings are special to me. I paint for myself, to pour on canvas what comes sub consciously from my mind and not for what an observer may perceive special in them.


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			 								I was born in Punjab but spent my childhood in the culturally rich city of Ujjain, where I developed my skills as an artist. The serene environment and the depth of spirituality imbibed within the people of that city has had a deep effect on my psyche and manifests itself in my work. 

I'm deeply spiritual and adventurous person. As an young artist my life revolved around sports and painting women in their different moods. Reflections of my interests in adventurous activities like Trekking in Himalayas, nature and spiritualism can be seen in her paintings. Her curiosity with mysticism and self-reflection manifested itself in a series of paintings.

I paint primarily with oil on canvas. Her deep empathy with the human psyche turns her to revolve most of her work towards their thoughts and feelings. Her spiritual inclination also adds a blend of fresh mysticism to her work.

I'm the founder member of 'Kalavart' Ujjain . My works are displayed in collection with individuals in India, U K, USA and Canada. Now she lives with her family in Noida .

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