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There is only ONE of each piece. As there is but, only ONE you. Since ancient times India has used stories to communicate. There were barely any written stories, most of them were passed down verbally. These stories were then visually replicated by artisans in their various crafts. Over the years the artisans have retained the heritage of crafting the SAME stories. That is what we want to recreate at Yayati.G We want to recreate the art of story telling but in our unique contemporary way. We believe that every individual has their own unique story and that is what we want to tell. And that is why there is only ONE piece that is created, because no two individuals were created equally. We want to create stories that are from today, with the same passion for crafting and detailing that is a part of our heritage. Each piece is meticulously hand crafted and hand-drawn on the finest of materials. It takes time to create, there is only ONE piece created by one single artist, with its own unique story that is brought to life by mesmerizing imagery. And as it is hand-drawn, it would be virtually impossible to recreate. There is only ONE of each Saree, Bag and Scarf. There is only ONE of each. As there is but, only ONE you.


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			 								I, Yayati create and hand paint unique bespoke sarees, handbags and scarves at YayatiG.

The main concept behind my brand is,

“There is but, only ONE you.”

Every person is unique and there is no other person like them in the whole world. They have their own unique story to tell. And so each piece is similar to the person. It is a canvas which has a story, a unique story. Each piece has its own unique intricately Hand drawn artwork. It takes an average 6 to 8 days to complete a saree. Each handbag is handcrafted before the artwork is drawn on it. All artworks are created and executed by me.
There is only ONE piece of each Saree, handbag and Scarf.			 								

With confirmation on your payment. We will ship the product to the address provided by you and will take at least 3-4 working weeks to reach your doorsteps Shipping in India is Free. For International shipping relevant charges will apply.


No Return. No Refund. No Exchange. No Cash On Delivery. The products will be shipped from INDIA. Even though extreme care is taken while creating the piece, as it is hand drawn there are bound to be certain irregularities or ink stains on the fabric. They add to the uniqueness of the piece. All products are hand drawn and hand painted, there will be certain fading over a period of time.


The fabric used is delicate and needs to be treated with care and avoid rough and tumble of washing machine. STRICTLY HAND-WASH ONLY. You may experience slight fading after wash. The designs on products are unique and meticulously created. It is hard work that needs to be respected and Plagiarism should be avoided. We take privacy very seriously. We work hard to ensure that we only use your information in the ways that you want us to. Also, as a brand we believe in utmost transparency and we have mentioned about the product nuances and payment terms as well.


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