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Amit Kothari
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Amit Kothari



Who are we: We are a small home-grown company Tree Art Inc. We create artsy accessories. We create our own all begins with painting first .... which is created into a design. Prints on all our products are first hand-painted and hand-illustrated on paper. Then textiles from the same are designed from which most of our products are made!! Our work is the outcome of immense passion and unparalleled love for what we do. We customise and personalise products for our clients extensively. Our Creative Process: Our brand in a gist, shouts art and usability! Every item has some artistic value to it. Our is inspiration is derived from birds, flowers, nature, and practically everything around us! Our designs are inspired by lots of art forms across the globe. Our Goal: We at Tree Art Inc. aim at growing into a brand that is contemporary yet grounded to our roots. We aim to cater to a market where clients appreciate products that are unique, arty, stylish, and sustainable. This ide