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'The One Who is All' Lapiz mandala pendant

'The One Who is All' Lapiz mandala pendant 2,222.00 SHIPPING & HANDLING: 250.00 DISCOUNT: 0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 9-14days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



The One Who is All' Lapiz mandala Lapis pendant The ancient civilizations have long used Lapis as a sacred stone for Divination. It is regarded as the magical Stone of all-encompassing Sky Goddess Isis. The sheer beauty of this heavenly blue stone with sparkling pyrite dust led them to associate it with the night sky filled with imperishable stars. Lapiz is said to contain the soul of the deity who would rejoice in the owner. The Egyptians believe that Lapis contains the soul of Isis who by essence; is all-seeing and all-knowing. Known as the stone of total awareness, Lapis Lazuli is extremely effective for working with throat, third eye, crown chakras and alignment of all seven chakras. Lapiz has been regarded as the dream stone as it aids in vision quest, dream work and enhancement of the pyschic centers. It's deep blue colour also promotes deep emotional healing. Properties of Lapis Lazuli: Protection Awareness and mental clarity Enhances intuition and Psychic abilities Enhances Meditation and Manifestation Heals emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies Helps establish connection with higher self Aids in spiritual growth and Ascension Helps understand mind, body and soul Connect with the energy of this magical Lapis mandala; consegrated and energized with prana for manifesting it's highest divine qualities. Just as Goddesses like Isis and Inanna, illuminate your inner skies with divinity. :) Item description: Material: Silk and embroidery threads, Lapiz Lazuli crystal, gauge memory wire base, acrylic and glass beads Size and dimensions: Mandala pendant: Length: Approximately 3 inches Breadth: Approx. 2 inches Thread attached: 14.5 inches Care instructions: Please keep in mind, the product is hand woven using yarn, so minor imperfections may exist. The miniature mandala pendant comes with a thread for wearing, but can also be worn with any other thread or chain of your choice. The colours could vary slightly due to lighting, camera quality or your monitor quality. The base is memory wire, which usually stays intact but can mould if handled very roughly. Kindly keep away from fire. They can last for as long as you maintain them. Avoid washing in water since it can loosen the threads. Instead, gently dust and wipe with a damp cloth and it will be good to go. 

Country of Origin - India

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