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Horse-drawn carriage Tote Bags $30.75 $18.45 PRODUCT CODE: FDLTB0019. SHIPPING & HANDLING: $15.38 DISCOUNT: $12.31 TIME TO DISPATCH: 0-2days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Material : Poly Canvas & Leather
Size : Height: 14″ Width: 17.5″ Depth: 4″ Handle: 10″
The bullock cart imprint on the bag gives a feeling of a village. The imprint of carts, flowers, a tomb-like structure and mosaic structure reminds of the golden old days. The feel of soil, grasses, and wind comes to mind with this design. The use of colors suits the pattern very well. The bag gives a homely feel and reminds of culture and freshness. It brings with it the fresh cold breeze and the sweetness of village life. It is secured with zipping to protect the stuff. You can carry this design with multi-colored attire, this can be carried with any attire. Since tote bags are in fashion, women find the tote bag classy. Because of their durability, these bags are strong and have a long life span. You can use this bag for occasions, daily use, grocery shopping, and many other things. Tote bags are versatile and come in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Country of Origin - India

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Fatfatiya is a brand that creates contemporary Indian design - accessories, home decor, artifacts and home furnishings. Fatfatiya was born out of a thought to re-look art and design that reflected India.

We adapt traditional designs and colors to make them distinctly contemporary, pop, and quirky, thereby creating a fun new home-grown aesthetic.

 The name Fatfatiya comes from the local three-wheel transport, auto rickshaw that is commonly seen in Rajasthan. Beautifully decorated, fatfatiyas are bright, vibrant, fun and quirky and our biggest inspiration.

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