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You’re a great artist, craftsperson, designer or simply a creator of all things beautiful. Does that necessarily ensure that you can create a successful business – with your talent? For most artists, the goal is eventually to go into business for themselves and use their talent and their passion to make a living as their own boss,

It sounds like a terrific idea, but starting one’s own business is full of stress, and unexpected obstacles. The market is full of talented artists – so it is crucial that aspiring art business owners find a way to stand out and stay financially solvent.
At the WorldArtCommunity we believe that artists can find financial and personal reward by starting their own business – using the power of collaboration and technology. We can enable the setting up and maintenance of your artistic online venture. All you need to do is focus only on creating great products and sharing them on our online hyper marketplace.

The best part? It’s simple and it’s free. Sign up Now!

Certain points to keep in mind as you create your space

1. You could sell only those products which have been uniquely designed by you. These products may be handmade by you or manufactured under your initiation. We do not allow reselling.

2. There are currently no charges for setting up your store on WorldArtCommunity. We charge a nominal commission (starting from 8%) and transaction fee on the transaction amount. Please refer to Terms and conditions -> Policy for Sellers -> Annex 2: Fee Structure for the latest charges.

3. You must have a bank account in order to sign up – for us to transfer earnings from sales. You keep your inventory with yourself and fulfill orders as they reach you.

4. At step 1 (sign up stage), all you need to do is create your account and update profile. We typically take 24-48 hrs to review your profile and get back to you. Only once approved, you could set up your shop and upload your wonderful creations.

That’s it then! All you now have to do is make up your mind, Sign up now – and once that’s done there’s no looking back. Welcome to a whole new world – with your brand new online business that you can make happen with your passion and talent!

Drop us an e-mail on should you have any questions.