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 Gayatri Mehta

Almost every artist seeks inspiration from his surroundings. Well-known in the art circles, artist Gayatri Mehta, who is also an amazing portrait artist, has been inspired by Sant Kabir’s dohas (couplets) that she feels have more relevance today than they ever had. The social and cultural fabric of our cities in present times is embroiled in pain; this dreary ethos being critically acute at times. Situational analogies that find a perfect foil in the poet-saint’s couplets surface in her mind, as the artist informs that she has extensively read and studied Kabir. Translating the essence of different dohas into paintings, the artist painstakingly depicts the unrest around us using the imaginative vocabulary of symbols, which exemplify diversity in religion, culture, society… In one painting, she states that the ultimate supreme knowledge in the world is Love. Illustrating this is a peacock feather that relates to Krishna- the ultimate symbol of love. One also sees Meera playing the chords of Ektara epitomizing the purity of the emotion; books lying around convey that there cannot be any knowledge greater than love and especially so, bookish knowledge. In another, Gayatri shows the sun radiating its life-giving resource with sunflowers prancing all around. Ironically, the canvas has umpteen sparrows prowling randomly – depicting beautifully the omnipresence of the supreme power, who is the creator, the cultivator and the destroyer. We see a lot of delicate shades of yellow in this painting indicating purity and divinity.


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Having a multifaceted career, previously worked as

 Interior Designer -partner in Space Designers;

 Visiting Faculty in Kala Vidhya Sankul, L S Raheja School of Arts, International School of Design
and Innovation;

 Coordinator in Jindal Centre for the Arts.

Served honorary in many art organizations in various capacities being

 Hon Secretary for the VA Mali Centenary Fund organized his Felicitation at the hands of
Governor of Maharashtra and organized Exhibition of his Paintings ;
 Ex-Hon. Secretary of the Art Society of India ,initiated many activities including conducting of
Members’ show and Annual Show of Artists from National Level ;

 Ex-Joint Secretary of the Bombay Art Society, worked for upgrading the facilities in the New
Premises, writing of Amended Constitution, worked as Exhibition In -charge of the National
Level Annual Exhibition;			 								

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