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1961 Art Atelier
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"1961 art atelier" is a brand dedicated to the "Era of Wearable Art movement" which emerged in the 1960s, flowered in the 1970s, and continues till date. All the creations are thoughtfully hand painted and handcrafted, thus each art-work is one of it's kind. More than just a creation, its a collector's possession. The Vision is to formulate Desire in its most beautifully handcrafted typeface. With brush dipped into the Soul, Every creation is a work of Liberation. "1961 is a reminisce about the Era of Warmth, about the Era of touch of Hand & Heart." - Team 1961


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			 								Having raised up in the beautiful landscape of Dehradoon, I have a natural fondness towards nature, mountains and stories from faraway lands.

I love to explore places to feed my creative energy and as I travel, I paint my thoughts/moments/memories on natural wooden logs, stones, cotton canvas, paper or anything which reminds us the importance of nature. Later, I convert them into souvenirs which my tribe would understand and feel belonged to. 

As quoted by Vincent Van Gogh, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Such is the inspiration behind wanderlusting moon.

SHIPPING- “Nature is Vulnerable, so we are.” Hence, Every artwork is carefully hand packed and it is made sure all the material/techniques used are easily bio-degradable and does not promote the usage of plastic. Every order is released with the mentioned time period, if case of delay, you will be surely informed in advance through e-mail.


REFUND POLICY-Return of purchase is not possible. If you wish to cancel a purchase within 24 hours you can let us know through email/call. Should an item be received by you in a damaged or unacceptable state, contact within 48 hours of product delivery. Required action will be taken depending on the nature of the situation.


Colours/shades may vary from monitor to monitor due to individual settings and specifications of each screen. Every effort is made to come as close as possible to actual colours in each item! You can send a query for further clarity anytime.


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