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We call it aardra and that means new or fresh in Sanskrit. To us, it also means giving much-loved newspaper a long overdue makeover. It's about weaving used newspaper into products to carry around, take home and hold precious memories. At aardra, we upcycle. So it's not turned into papier-mache or pulp. Instead, we make sure the newspaper can no longer absorb moisture. We then roll and manoeuvre tubes of the paper into clever patterns of warps and wefts, before priming and finishing. What you get is a product that not only looks good and strong but can also be immediately used.


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			 								A native of Bangalore, Vidya has worked for startups, and enjoyed corporate life at Wipro before turning to art, full-time.  Her formal education has been in Engineering from RVCE and a Master’s degree in Marketing from Symbiosis.  

Her first public presentation as an artist was through a series of paintings, which were transcreations of temple architecture and monuments. She chose to celebrate the splendour of Hoysala sculptures by recreating them in paint.

Her explorations in art continue strong. Discovering paper weaving by chance, Vidya has been upcycling the humble daily newspaper for personal, lifestyle and interior décor purposes. Her line of newspaper woven products is called aardra, which means new or fresh in Sanskrit. Surprised at first by their wicker-like quality and strength, customers have come back asking for more.

Vidya plans to introduce aardra into everyday things, and effectively replace wooden and plastic in the future.			 								

Shipping is done through reputed courier services. Once the order is received the delivery time will take between 7-10 working days from the day of shipment.


If you have received an item in a ‘Damaged’ or ‘Defective’ condition, possible resolution could be Replacement or Refund in case we are unable to provide a replacement.


Since every product is completely handmade, we would require 15 days to handcraft your product from scratch and deliver it to you.


“I love the basket. It was worth the wait. And the personal note accompanying it was beautiful. Thank you, Aardra.”

Preeti SinghNovember 20, 2018

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