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Creative process is often a mystery; it’s a mystery even to the very person/artist involved in it. It’s an intricate texture of heart, soul, mind and the human instinct often leading from one to the other. The artistic imagination and its execution are as simple or as complex as the very cyclic nature of the mother Earth. Being born amidst the glory of nature – as my home town Kumta is located at the very heart of the world renown bio diversity region of western ghats- where the green shades are thick enough to stop the rays of the sun, ’m one blessed child who got an opportunity to witness the sweetest and also the most bewildering nature of the earth. The city of Mysore where I grew up amused me with its rich culture and deep heritage. The society there, known for its refined interests certainly inculcated in me a deep faith in art. Later when I started working as a journalist in Bangalore, the flamboyant city of south India - gave me an exposure to the diverse cultural background and filled me with across the spectrum experiences. The artist in me owes a lot to all these things and often engages himself humbly to replicate them with his creative imagination. Art, to be specific Painting for me is not just a media to relieve and relish but is more an expression to meditate; a process more inward bound, to be precise a journey where heart meets its soul. ’m really honored if my expression means something for the world… At present I am working on nature.


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			 								Hi, am G.S.B Agnihothri, fondly Agni for friends and relatives. I was born in Kumta of Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka and was brought up in Mysore, a well known city of Karnataka with a rich cultural back drop and royal heritage. I live in Bangalore, a metro city of international repute which is also known as the Silicon Valley of India. From an early age I had a liking for art and painting, it only grew stronger during my adolescence. By 1994 , I was seriously involved in art and pursued painting with heart and soul. Now, at 40, I live happily with my wife and daughter. Over the years my persistence and talents have provided me enough room and space to expose myself to different genres of paintings and other art forms. My interest in art and literature has influenced my paintings to a great extent. Added to this is my vivid experience as a journalist which gave me a great understanding of the Society, Nature and its Diversity. 			 								

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