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Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar explores the avenue of highlighting the importance of art and its preservation and how it is preserved (visual art) by hand-painting.
Art is a part of individual, community, society and whole world. It is necessary to know why it has so much importance since civilization began. Not many artists have tried to answer it through their art. Generally, an artist creates a piece of art according to the prevailing conditions, like his individual psychology, society’s culture and tradition, political conditions etc and that is all.

All the artworks help us to rewind the time and feel the difference between the then life’s experience which was different from our times. According to the artist, his art may have minimal value in this technical world his paintings. But it does not bother him and feels that as an artists he has every right to express his feelings without restrictions, no obligation of commitment and totally independent in Nature.
Anything that attracted his attention has become his creation.


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			 								My  profound belief in creating a peace of art that mesmerizes someone’s  mind  with  it’s illusionistic  imageries  I gather from the objects around me. My works look like collage in term of perception which I do paint myself and start searching my existence  into  it to find  a hidden meaning of life. Through my creative urge I try to preserve my memories of what I have gone through with different experience  whether it is positive  or negative. My paintings do not reveal any kind of difference  between common and uncommon. Sometimes I find  it really difficult to define  the concept of my works, so  without adding any  unnecessary  philosophy  to my art  I boldly express myself  with what I love to paint.

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