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Anand Kumar

My work in acrylic media mostly reveals vivid artistic assimilation of reality and fantasy It’s a world of fantasy where present , past and future shakes their hands with each other to create a glory of past for pride future against the present I have tried to show the enlightened visual effects of spirituality, fantasy in different arena. The tonal quality of colors achieved through its resonance, rhythm and harmony. work with simplicity is my core mantra. The works mostly illustrate vivid transformations and changes undergone in society culture and traditions and all relevant aesthetics with due reference to the glorious past and its memoirs ,the bright and optimistic but modernist future. My thinking and assimilation of thoughts with proper references, experiences in real life based on various events and occurrences. It’s the reflection of life and effort to go on a journey of inner soul. For me it’s a roller coaster ride where I enjoy, I fear, I win , I loss, I smile and I cry. Different kinds of emotions but one thing common that I LIVE…..I OBSERVE and I LOVE.


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			 								Master of Fine Art (M.F.A) from chandigarh
Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) from College of arts and Craft Patna (P.U) in 2005.

Awards :-

    2005 – Annual College Art Exhibition.
    2004 – National Youth Festival Award at Gawalior (M.P.)
    2003 – Eastern zone Youth Festival (Jharkhand).
    2002 – Annual College Art Exhibition.
    2002 –Camline Art Foundation Eastern Zone(Kolkata)
    1991 – Kala Shree of Fine Arts & Crafts ,Art Competition Award at (Jehanabad)

2010 – 2010 Express Organized by Mrigna at Travan Core art gallery (New Delhi)
2010 – Affectabel Baybale collectable Group Exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy (New Delhi) 
2005 – Exb’05  Bit Sindri , Photography Club & Painting Wings Presentation,
            In Association With IBM (Jharkhand).
2005 – Exb’05  Bit Sindri , Photography Club & Painting Wings Presentation,
            In Association With IBM

2004 – Poster Competition organized by ‘HELPLINE’ Women Development Corporation.

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