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Ankur Singla

I lost my hearing when I was just 5 years old, and subsequently the anger and frustration for not able to hear my surroundings and people teasing me for my disability inclined me more towards painting. It was the only medium where I could express myself without any fear. I could be what I want to be, in harmony with myself. Along with my vivid imagination and my self-expression motivated me to become an artist. Painting gives me solace. It is not just a traditional colors on canvas but my medium of conversing with people. I get influenced from daily activities around me, such as interactions and conversations with new- new people and my friends as well. I take out ideas for my work out of these encounters. My works contain a lot of surreal elements as well as elements from my dreams and fantasy. I also take elements from Movies, television and newspapers. Sometimes I take inspiration from these stuff and sometimes I use only the visuals out of them and use them directly with my own vision and understanding. A visual is very first only a visual for me because I don’t know the context of it. Because of my hearing problem, I have to depend on my visual perception only. Due to this sometimes I perceive wrong/different meanings of activities and as a result of which my painting’s meaning also changes. I grasp something, then paint my perception and in the end viewer gets something else. So my paintings are full of ‘surprises’ both for me as well as for the viewer. My temperament changes according to my mood and same is with approach. Sometimes when I am at peace, I like to paint patiently with naturalistic approach. And when I am disturbed I want fast results so I use photographs, collage them and paint over them.


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2014: Master of Fine Art from College of Art, New Delhi, India
2012: Bachelor of Fine Art from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi, India
2017: “Deaf art show” at Lokayata Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
2017: “Inner Strokes” at All India Fine Art Craft Society, New Delhi, India
2017: “Beyond Colours” at visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
2016: “Spandana” at Cameo Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
2016: “Silent Voice” at Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi, India
2016: “98 th All india Annual Art Exhibition 2016” at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
2015: “Shakti-Woman of Substance” at visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
2015: “28 th National Exhibition of Contemporary Art-2015” by SCZCC Nagpur at Bharat Bhavan,
Bhopal, India
2014: “80 th All India Exhibition of Arts 2014” at Indian academy of fine arts, Amritsar, India
2014: ‘Family of Disabled 2014’ at Arpana Art Gallery, Siri Fort			 								

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