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Exquisite range of leather handbags crafted with the fine art of handknitting and genuine luxe leather with finest craftsmanship and enduring love.


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			 								If you are someone who loves the smell of freshly polished leather, or just can't stop yourself from caressing the fine texture of a newly minted leather bag, then you are definitely at the right place. We have experimented with the intricate art of hand knitting to create inimitable textures with especially crafted leather yarn and genuine luxe leather.

Tripti Singh,


Shipping costs:-

We will be shipping all over India through Dtdc or Fed ex.

Order Process:-

We are really sorry, we do not process orders on Sundays and on National Holidays.

Shipping Time:-

Antidote will take up to 7-10 working days, but we do not guarantee any delivery date as this is just the estimated delivery period.

Tracking the order:-

When the payment is received for an order, then Antidote will provide the customer with a tracking or delivery number on their registered e-mail and they can track the order on our delivery partner website. *Please be patient as it might take 24-48 hours for an order to be updated on the website.

Valid Information:-

The customer has the sole responsibility in providing Antidote with the valid information and with working phone or mobile number in the shipping address. Antidote has the right to validate the information provided by the customer before the delivery, In case the customer i


Merchandise must be returned within 15 days of receipt.
Antidote will NOT be responsible for the return shipping cost. It will be bearable by the customer only.

Full Refund:-
Merchandise has to be in their original condition and packaging along with the brand tags. It should not have any wear and tear. Only then we will be able to refund.
Full refund exclusive of taxes and shipping charges through NEFT within 7 to 10 working days, but only after we have physically received the merchandise at our studio.

Not happy about your choice:-
In case the customer is not happy about the order placed, he/she can cancel it within 24 hours.
Customer should notify us with a mail along with the order number, only then we will be able to refund you.

Damaged product:-
If the customer has received a damaged product , then he should notify us within 24 hours through mail and has to be returned to our studio within 10 days.
Antidote will not bear the


Wear and Tear Conditions:-

Antidote uses genuine leather and leather cords in making of its products.
We do not give any type of guarantee for the leather and the leather cord.
Leather is a natural material, so a slight change in the color and texture is bound to happen with the usage.
The cracks on the leather will eventually come as it is the characteristic of any leather.No two products will be identical as each leather skin is different to the other and will also have unique skin marks. These marks and scratches cannot be considered as defects or rejects.
Antidote products are hand crafted hence no two products are similar in their absolute measurements.
No two of our products will be identical as all Antidote products are handcrafted, making each product unique in its own aspect.
Antidote uses high quality hardware, but it might be a possibility that the metal hardware loses its shine and polish might chip off due to over usage of the product or mishandli


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