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Artluck is a dynamic design startup founded by Aradhna Rai. Our primary objective is to make the discovery of affordable Wall Art accessible to all. We take great pride in embracing India's motto of unity in diversity, and this essence is reflected in every aspect of our design philosophy. When it comes to playing with colors, our creativity knows no bounds, as we draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of India's soul. At Artluck, we are driven by a relentless passion for design. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to have their living spaces adorned with captivating artwork. Our commitment to this belief fuels our innovative approach to beautifying your walls and transforming your home into a sanctuary of individuality and charm. We endeavor to make every home a unique and dreamlike haven. Our comprehensive range of wall art encompasses various rooms within your home, including the kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, kids' room, and bedroom. We offer the flexibility of purchasing framed or unframed artworks, allowing you to tailor your choices to your personal preferences. Additionally, we understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we offer a variety of sizes to accommodate your specific needs. Furthermore, we provide customization options for design, size, and color, ensuring that your artwork is truly a reflection of your distinct style. Artluck is not just a marketplace for art; it is a platform for artistic exploration and expression. We constantly strive to curate a diverse and captivating collection that resonates with your unique taste and captures the essence of your home. By making art accessible and affordable, we aim to bridge the gap between creativity and every individual's desire to elevate their living spaces. Join us on this inspiring journey and let Artluck infuse your life with the beauty and allure of art. Experience the joy of owning exquisite, affordable pieces that breathe life into your walls and ignite


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			 								Artluck is a design startup to "discover Wall Art at affordable price" by a NIFT Graduate . As we say India is country with unity in diversity and our designs are true reflection of India’s soul. We are a design studio which is committed to this passion for design. This diversity reflects in our design philosophy when we play with colours. This diversity is so rich and diverse that it will always be a never ending process. Artluck is sincere attempt by us who think that Art should reach everyone at affordable cost. At Artluck we try to come up with unique ideas to beautify your wall and home every day. We want every home to look unique and beautiful; we want every home to be a dream home.
Here you can get wall arts for kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, kid’s room and bed room. 


Artwork shall be properly packed and shipped via reputed courier services with in 6-10 days. Please do not accept the shipment if it appears damaged/tampered with on arrival.


In case of receiving a defective/wrong product, please reach out immediately with images and details, and we shall be happy to help.


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