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Bhagirath Punjani

My inspiration and art does not develop in a room with four walls – I call the natural habitat my studio where I get to be with animals, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Having set up my comfortable studio outdoors, I keenly observe then paint what my mind depicts as art. I, Bhagirath Sureshchandra Punjani, hope to inspire you the same way.


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			 								Bhagirath Sureshchandra Punjani
I am born in a small city named Jamnagar in Gujarat State, India on 11 July 1987, My communication address is near Punjab National Bank, Lava’s Delo, Ranjit Road, Jamnagar – 361001 Gujarat State INDIA.
I have passed elementary and intermediate drawing examination while my primary level of education. Frankly admit that there is a tremendous impact of father’s guidance in all my works till date. My Art teacher inspired me to draw live – sketches of different human and animals. This inspiration led me to visit fairs and religious gathering for the purpose. Seeing my deep interest in the field, a friend of mine, master in Fine Arts, persuaded me to go in for canvas oil painting. Till now I have produced quite a number of canvas oil paintings, which include various subjects on nature and domestic animals. I own an Art studio located in a garden developed by me in a nearby rural area. Natural beauty spread all around coupled with domesticated animals of my interest represent them in painting form. Nature study and philosophy are my loving prime subjects.
I get enveloped in imagination on art paintings. I am not confined to a particular subject or technique. The style and technique developed by me takes painting forms of superb quality. Certainly art is a wonderful natural gift.
I have a collection of about 40 to 50 canvas oil painting on various subjects on hand and am on a way to make them out on a still larger scale and size.

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