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We are the manufacturer and exporters of Hand & Machine-embroidered Products such as Cushion Cover, Curtains,Rugs etc. and home décor products. Our designs have been recognized internationally for their exquisite quality and superior craftsmanship. These handmade pieces, a specialty of Kashmir, attract collectors from around the world. The region is considered an institution for numerous artists and craftsmen, groomed from amateur rank to that of Master status. Most of our workers work independently from their homes, and their work is monitored by masters within the village. The tradition of chain stitch is centuries old and our designs are created as homage to history. We have collaborated with many western artists to create a wonderful range of products incorporating western designs and colors while using the ancient art of hand embroidery. Some designs are created using 18th and 19th century art deco and others from contemporary art inspirations. The beauty of creating handmade products is that we create unique pieces, each one different from another. By creating a global marketplace for these products, we can help preserve history. Currently we employ over one hundred artists in Kashmir & Delhi, most of them being the primary income source for their families. Our long-term goal is to help provide better living conditions for these skilled workers and to make basic education available for their children. It is important also that we create employment opportunities for future generations of artists. Your commitment to these products helps ensure the promotion and preservation of cottage industries around the world.


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			 								Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are the manufacturer of Home furnishing items like Cushions, Table Runners, Curtains Etc.
Please let us know what is the procedure we have to follow to sale on your websites and what is your charges.

Rahul Rai

Dispatched in a maximum of 3-4 business days. Cancellation requests will be accepted strictly within 24 hours of placing the order only.


Want to return a product. Keep the packaging of the product and return it in its original condition Return request can be made within the 36 hours after delivery.


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