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Mithu Biswas

“Chasing The Time” is come in my mind from our life cycle. The time takes a important role in our life. In every moment the time always interacts with us. It’s a journey of my life and your life. Our habit is, we always try to stop the TIME, but we can’t, even we never ever will do that… So we always try to chasing the time… to reach beyond the TIME… In this context, I fund the HORSE was always used as a symbol to chasing the TIME. Here in my canvas, I try to build the relations between HORSE & TIME… “CHASING THE TIME” is a one of my favorite series of painting. The concept of the painting is that the horses are trying to chase the time. Which never stop… I try to convey that in the life cycle we always fight with the time… rather than happily accept and believe it… THE TIME NEVER STOPS…


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			 								One of the most rising impressionist artist, MITHU BISWAS is a journey of around 7 years of modern contemporary Art. She is working for an unusual idea & concept in her painting. Born in Kolkata in the state of West Bengal in 1979, she was fond of art since early days. She did his graduation in Fine Art from Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata in 2004. In 2009 she came in Maharastra, and permanently setup a studio in Mumbai.

Ever since moving to Muimbai, Mithu did change the types of content and subject, she use in her painting. So while she still paint in the style modern contemporary art, with the canvas set on a different texture and surface. Mithu use acrylic paints and texture in surface. And yet the materials that she use are not the only thing that has changed; everything from the composition surrounding her to the consumer culture is different here, which has inspired her to use stronger colors than before.

When she was in college, Mithu had started a group exhibitio			 								

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