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Dhiraj Khandelwal's Realistic Works
Dhiraj Khandelwal's Realistic Works
Dhiraj Khandelwal's Realistic Works

Realistic work is a difficult medium in definition of Dhiraj Khandelwal as it depicts & relate with everyday moment in reality. People can easily diagnose it and revert back with instant reaction whereas modern or abstract art had few hidden flair where sometime Artist escape dramatically from his/her own work lows or mistakes. Dhiraj Khandelwal- Paintings consist two different types of techniques. A) Chiaroscuro : one of the classic techniques used in the works of artists like Rembrandt, da Vinci, and Caravaggio. It refers to the use of light and shadow to create the illusion of light from a specific source shining on the figures and objects in the painting. B) Sfumato: The technique is a fine shading meant to produce a soft transition between colors and tones, in order to achieve a more believable image. He mainly believes that whether it is realistic, abstract or any piece of ART...It should connect with other and had ability to change their thoughts, belief or even life.


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			 								DHIRAJ KHANDELWAL is a realistic & semi realistic artist. His compositions can range from graphic-oriented realism with images rich in unmixed color and bound by hard edges, to true photo-realism usingoriginal, staged photographs as source material. Staging the photograph for the painting reference is essential, as he rarely change anything throughout the painting process.  Everything must be period correct.			 								

Artworks shall be shipped rolled via reputed courier services only, please do not accept the shipment if it appears damaged/tampered with on arrival.


Images are the closest representation of actual painting. However, there could be minor variations between the image and the actual painting due to media limitation. I do not accept returns. In the rare event of receiving a defective/wrong artwork, please reach out to me with images, and I shall be happy to help.


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