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Expressions by uv

Elegant playful styling is the essence, and handcrafting is the soul of each of our designs at Expressions by UV. We at Expressions do our best in practicing sustainability in following ways. Building products with zero waste. Use of natural fibers, hand-looms, and organic cotton with naturalist and Azo free dyes. Working with weavers and craftsmen at grass-root level to sustain the rich textile heritage. Empowering rural women by providing them work opportunities and help them improve their social lives and financial status. Collaborating with different NGOs and producing collection to cater their basic needs. Redesign and Up-cycle with excess fabrics and other old clothing, and turn them into something new and elegant. ‘Expressions by UV’ is for every woman who is bold, confident, responsible, decision maker, playful and always full of love and life! She is also a nature lover, and empowered with knowledge she makes smart and conscious choices for herself and the planet. ‘Expressions by UV’ is your story.


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			 								I was introduced to craft in my childhood by my Grandmother and mother. I simply adored the beautiful embroidery and bead works they used to do to pass their time.

My love of embroidery and handwork led me to studying textile and fashion design in Mumbai. With a Diploma in hand I started working as head designer and production manager at An export firm - Vimal Creations.  

Life is unpredictable and you never know what it throws at you. I ran into tough marriage and decided to part ways after 7 long years.  My world was shattered and I had responsibility to bring up a 3 year old single handedly. Though god was kind to me to provide me support of my family and friends.  I was able to pick up my pieces and with support of my Dad started with few thousand rupees and Expressions took it shape. 

Expressions by UV is a celebration of crafts,  Indian weaves and skills of artisans in contemporary ways. It is to adhere nature friendly skills to combine style with ethical production chain.			 								

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