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"Usha Ramachandran’s sculptures, paintings and drawings do not represent lofty ideas, grand and rhetoric philosophies, and they do not raise slogans for female emancipation. The works she does are the result of her own emancipation and this deliverance of one’s own self into the limitless realm of creativity is done through the minute observation of life around her and through finding pure joy out of the most trivial leaves. We do not attach particular importance to such scenes as they are too trivial to demand our attention. But an artist of Rabindranath Tagore’s caliber could turn a rain into the wistful thinking of a child who desperately wants his tuition teacher to skip the class. I do not make an effort to draw parallel between the creative prowess of Tagore and Usha Ramachandran, on the contrary what I say is that this artist could also turn that particular scene into a small little bronze sculpture and immortalize that moment"

Trivandrum, 2014


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			 								For me art is my pleasure,love and joy. It is one of the most pleasant part of my life .I work  at my art for my own satisfaction satisfy my creative urge .Once that is done, I want to show and  share them with my viewers. When they enjoy and relate to them I feel doubly rewarded. Do go through the works posted here and enjoy.

I am an artist -sculptor working from Trivandrum,Kerala State,India.
The essence of my works is basically 'life' I work to satisfy my urge to create, to give form to my ideas.
I find bronze most satisfying as a medium to work with, though I work in wood and other mediums too. I love to sketch and paint when not sculpting.
I use my imagination to recreate the familiar. More often my inspiration comes from the events and life around me. I value my freedom to create as I wish, and whatever pleases me, in my own way. Art is a happy thought for me. I plan the whole work in my mind and improvise as I go about executing it.
Solo Exhibitions: ---
1. 2015 "Where the green grass grows" Gallery Zinc,Mumbai.

2. 2014 "As we go on..."- Chithrakala Parishad ,Bangalore.
3. 2014 "As we go on..." - presented by India International Centre,New Delhi.
4. 2013 Rhythms of Life- presented by Kerala Lalithkala Akademi at Durbar Hall Art Centre,Ernakulam.
5. 2013 "Rhythms of Life"-an exhibition of sculptures and paintings at LKA Gallery,Kozhikode.
6. 2012 “ Rhythms of Life”- an Exhibition of Sculptures and Sketches at Lalithkala Akademi,Chennai
7. 2012 “Sketches n’ Bronze”- presented by Alliance Francaise de Trivandrum.
8. 2011 "Life Flows Like this"- presented by Kashi Art gallery, Kochi .
9. 2011 "Bronze Age" - at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore .
10. 2010 ‘Bronze Age’ - at Vyloppilly Samskrithi Bhavan, Trivandrum .
11. 2009 ‘Mélange’ - at Roerich Art Gallery , Trivandrum
Group Shows:--

My works were part of Pune Biennale in Feb 2015
1. 2016 Group Exhibition conducted by Russian Cultural Centre, Trivandrum
2. 2015 Group Exhibition of sculptures conducted by Suryakanti Gallery,Trivandrum.
3. 2015 Group Exhibition conducied by Alliance Francaice de ,Trivandrum
4. 2012 State Exhibition of Painting and Sculptures conducted by Kerala Lalithakala Akademi at Durbar Hall, Ernakulum .
5. 2012 Group show at Dubai conducted by ‘Art Zest’.
6. 2011 State Exhibition of Painting and Sculptures conducted by Kerala Lalithakala Akademi at Durbar Hall, Ernakulam.

Award--Honourable Mention Awarded by Lalith Kala Akademi 2010

Usha Ramachandran,

I courier my works across India and all parts of the world by reputed courier services only.


In case of damage on delivery ,please feel free to contact me .


The paintings on canvas will be shipped rolled and packed in protective coverings and tube.The framed works use acrylic glass.They will be shipped using hardboard packs and bubble wraps.


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