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Welcome to HomeBlitz, a beacon of luxury lighting and home decor, proudly rooted in the heart of India. We take immense pride in our exquisite collection of high-quality lighting products, each meticulously crafted and bearing the mark of our skilled artisans' expertise. At HomeBlitz, we hold dear the legacy of our artisans, honoring their craftsmanship by integrating their unparalleled skill and artistry into every product we offer. Our brand stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication of these talented individuals, whose unique touch infuses soul and value into our creations. Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design, we specialize in curating exclusive, never-before-seen lighting designs that encapsulate the essence of luxury. Our quest for uniqueness leads us on a journey across India, seeking out artisans from diverse regions, each contributing their distinct cultural influences to our creations.


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			 								Jayash, the visionary founder and driving force behind HomeBlitz. In 2019, Jayash embarked on a journey when he observed a ubiquitous presence of similar lighting products in every home and space. This realization sparked a profound idea — to bring forth the rich craftsmanship and luxury of Indian lighting products.
Driven by a passion for showcasing the unparalleled artistry of Indian craftsmanship, Jayash dedicated himself to an extensive research journey across India. With an unwavering commitment to promoting Indian artistry, Jayash delved into understanding the diverse lighting needs and preferences across the nation.
With a broad vision and an expansive approach, Jayash, at the age of 20, emerged with a series of innovative designs that encapsulated the essence of Indian luxury. He sought out skilled artisans who could bring these designs to life. This marked the birth of HomeBlitz, a brand that goes beyond the ordinary, offering handcrafted lighting products.			 								

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