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Kajal Nalwa Artist Studio
Kajal Nalwa Artist Studio

Kajal Nalwa is an enduring artist who pays an inspiring tribute to womanhood through her work. Her recent works on paper hold various moods and styles of women formed with a intermingling of charcoal and bright colours, becoming a treat for the eyes. Kajal has combined charcoal and watercolour to great affect. The bright watercolours against the dark charcoal adds another dimension to the work .In a way it symbolises the positivism and natural beauty that surrounds us...though we do not always notice this. With the theme to highlight the concern for the environment and nature and to draw attention to women’s role in preserving our ecological heritage Kajal Nalwa draws you into her artisticaly created world.
As the human life gets entangled more and more in worldly affairs, the so called modern aspect engulfs its existence…Amidst this humane chaos, Kajal Nalwa pays tribute to nature and divinity by reasserting the need of a harmonious relationship between the human and his surrounding nature. Using the medium of charcoal and watercolour innovatively , Kajal beautifully reflects the various shades of nature keeping the human existence as its backdrop. Her work is soothing, yet reflects the most significant aspects of human life.
Kajal lived in Sri Lanka as a child. She now lives in Delhi and Goa.
Kajal Nalwa saya that, “Iconographic interpretation of the divine force inspires me. Through this exhibition I have portrayed various aspects of women's life…various expressions that comes across her life span. I believe that a women in a semi abstract form, somehow merging with her natural surroundings brings in the element of an undercurrent that co relates divinity with nature. I would like to pay my tribute to the selfishness of the divine force called Nature”.
“The subject of my work is nature and women and the inter- relation between the two as ‘givers of life’, she adds.


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			 								I am an Indian Artist and I live and work in Noida and Goa. The theme of my work is nature and women and the interdependence between the two givers of life.The medium of my paintings are Oil on canvas solely using palette knife , Watercolours and Mixed media on paper(Charcoal and water colour)

Shipping of works will be in rolled form using reputed courier services only. Please do not accept shipment if it appears damaged/tampered with on arrival.


I will not accept works once shipped to customer unless some damage has occurred while shipping .


Upcoming exhibition October7-11, at Open Palm Court Gallery , India Habitat Centre , New Delhi
Exhibitions Held:
• Solo Exhibition at India Habitat Centre(Sept 2014)
• Solo Exhibition at India Habitat Centre(Nov2011)
• Solo Exhibition at India Habitat Centre(Nov2008)
• Solo Exhibition at India Habitat Centre (Sept 2007)
• Solo Exhibition at The Nehru Centre London (May 2007)
• Solo Exhibition at Art Entrance, Mumbai (March 2006)
• Solo Exhibition at Lalit Kala Akademi (October 2005)
• Solo Exhibition at India International Center (October 2004)
• Solo Exhibition at Lalit Kala Akademi (November 2003)
• Solo Exhibition at Lalit Kala Akademi (Delhi) (October 2002)
• Solo Exhibition at Art folio Chandigarh (October 2000)
• Group Exhibition “Women In Art” at The National Museum of Riyadh,Saudi Arabia(May 2011)
• Twelve Groups Exhibitions a


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