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Kaleido Handmade
Kaleido Handmade
This shop is switched off right now.
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Kaleido Handmade is a home based DIY handicrafts brand with art and craft items made using techniques of Dot Art, Crochet, Hand Embroidery, Clay Art etc. All the products are created by the artist Sriimathy. We use a specialized dotting technique called Puntilismo. Each artwork requires intense work which takes hours to create. All products are hand painted and involves a great amount of care and passion. Our product range includes: 1) Dot Art: Wall Plates, Vases, Bottles, Curios, Knick-Knacks, Candle holders, Bookmarks, Trinkets, Boxes and Jewelry. 2) Crochet: Baby/Kids apparel, Baby Blanket, Baby booties, Stuffed toys/dolls, Bags, Baskets, Dreamcatchers, Accessories and Jewelry. We have also introduced products which involve Henna art and Macramé. Each product focusses on customization and personalization so that our customers enjoy the value of handmade products.


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			 								Am an artist and software professional based in Hyderabad. Am passionate about handicrafts and DIY items. I use a specific painting technique called Puntilismo which is a dot based art. I also use henna style in DIY items which has brought out new dimensions in my artistic endeavor. I would like to use the world art community to spread my work and learn as I go along.			 								

Products will be shipped through professional courier services only. Please do not accept broken and tampered products.


Due to the nature of my products and the time it takes to create each one, refund is not possible. Exceptional cases where the product is entirely broken, you can contact me within 36 hours with receipt and image so that I can help you with it.


“Product was awesome ”

Sayantika Dutta Singh October 05, 2018

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