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KAN Arts | Gallery & studio
KAN Arts | Gallery & studio

Pallavi Arora, co-owner and a self-taught artist, has been painting cheerful, happy, laughing, smiling people across the world at the age of "senescence". She has also gained an expertise in portraying animals (primarily even-toed ungulates of the Order Artiodactyla), and birds in their natural habitat, exhibiting their behaviour in an ecosystem.

Her work includes realistic and abstract paintings with oil and/or acrylic on canvas. There are bold strokes of brushes in her paintings revealing the finest details. Through her paintings, she has put in her best efforts not only to highlight the expressions of old people with the wrinkles and the smile but also to speak the beauty & diversity of nature through animals & birds. Through the language of art, she has tried to give an insight of this beautiful planet we live in.


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			 								Portraying animals & birds since the days of giving diagrammatic details in my biology practical files, which fascinated every student, every teacher who went through my practical records, inspired me, motivated me to pursue art as an auxiliary field of interest along with applied sciences.

I try to depict through my paintings, diversity among the world & projecting wrinkles of the old people, who are "live" in their moods despite being proximal to "grave"! Life persists, even if it is stand-still to the viewer and one must appreciate it for what it is - like how old people and ungulates express. Life should be celebrated for anything and everything it gives back to us. I have tried to give the real expressions of my subjects with detailed subtle changes in the nuances of the colors. My subjects feature from Turkey, Romania, India, et al. The media used are oil &/or acrylic to give those realistic effects and detail.

Recently, I have been gaining some hands-on experience in abstract works which include some cabaret dancers, artistic faces and a sea scape, with a belief that the genres should be diverse and the art should transcend all peripheries when it comes to exhibition.

Pallavi Arora,

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