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Lakhan Singh Jat

I wonder why we change when we grow and become a stranger to that little kid who screams, giggles and dreams so high. The child in you makes you honest, who is emotional, afraid of deceiving anyone, hurting anyone and still gives you space to enjoy life in this busy and mechanical world. So look for the child within your heart and for a while let it run free just like a butterfly running around without a care of the world. What I have experienced that nothing is more addictive than having a person become a child even for a second or get deep lost in his childhood. So start embracing your inner child, you are never too old to play or to dream a new dream.


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			 								Myself  Lakhan Singh Jat,   Visual artist born in 1986 and brought up in Kusany, a village near Sawai Madhopur in  Rajasthan.
The  approach  to my paintings is based on the product of my inquisitiveness towards human nature and  my childhood memories. As I hail from a rural part of the country, my paintings reflect the mersmerising traditional beauty of Indian village with  raw nature, coarse textures of mud and water , pure and serene atmosphere. 
Does knowing the truth of childhood brings us closer to the certitude of human nature?
How does the child within us heals us when we are unhappy and in despair?
Does recognizing nostalgia can bring us emotional fulfillment and help us in becoming a better person?
Many such inquests keep haunting me and I set free my imagination to go deep down the  memory lane and let my brush flow on canvas. Each painting has layers of colours and textures which depicts my memory  flashes  one by one.  I believe that there is a child in each of us who wants			 								

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