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Madhubala Artscape
Madhubala Artscape
Madhubala Artscape

The retrospective in which the level of feeling and emotion gets high, not in a maudlin way but as a statement made with admiration and respect. No better statement than this unusual exhibition could have been made till now.


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			 								Graphic Design and i have been inseparable since my college days.

Have successfully participated in national and international
exhibitions .Works exhibited in 1982,1984,1986,1987, Czechoslovakia Tehran
and Finland. Won an award for poster Design in 1987 from Finland.
Been a jury member for PAMEX 1991, Jury member : Ministry of Agriculture
Lectured at Trade Fair Authority ,NID, IIT Powai.
Works printed in Reference volumes From Japan:World Trade Marks and Logotypes
works printed in “TYPOGRAPHICA” czechoslovakia

After all this to find joy in using oil crayons brought spontanaiety and the
enthusiasm to splashing colour with my own hands instead of waiting for a
photograph a sketch, types etc and then for a printing machine to execute the design
with anxiety. ”Truth is making. a making by hand,and making by hand is making
with joy
art critic - John Ruskin

Perhaps I’ve started from the finish line: as senior citizen I’ve moved back in time
from camera, light, models machines to simple tools .
The shift from houses to flats , multiplying concrete jungles prompted me to express
and bring nature indoors and with the simple tools “ OIL CRAYONS”
The only difficulty I faced was “NO RETAKE” was possible.

Nature is magnanimous, doesn’t spell out its names or origin -- so my
works have no titles.

Hope you like them as much as i have enjoyed doing them

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