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Malavika Reddy

Malavika Reddy, born in Hyderabad, has completed her BFA in Fine Arts, specialising in painting from Maharaja Sayyaji Rao University of Baroda, Gujarat. She has experimented with different mediums, one of it being ‘dry pastels’with which she made a series of works named “EyeSpeak” and had her first solo art exhibition at the age of sixteen. From then to now she has matured into a very dynamic artist on the block, as this present exhibition of hers, features a genre less approached with the “sane mind”. “Without Acid”as the exhibition is titled, truly inspires one to dwell deep down into ones own mind, to come to the “revealing or in connection to the mind manifestation”. Malavika has made an attempt at creating psychedelic art which usually involves the influence of recreational drugs,orgetting into an altered state of consciousness by attempting any of these massively potent drugs. Her very message in this exhibition is that, one doesn’t need to be high on such recreational drugs to push ones creativity, and enforce their energies pumped up by chemicals to create something immense; one can get high on themselves and their own potential, dwell deeper into the exploration with creativity to create wonders. For Malavika,her passion and intensity towards art drives her, to experiment. Malavika was inspired by the psychedelic art form when she came across a couple of her friends discussing LSD and one or two of whom, have also experimented with it. It was then that she researched and went ahead to create these set of works. Psychedelic Art is known for its bright and highly contrasting colours with repetitive motifs and extreme depth of detail in the work. There is an inclusion of innovative typography and hand lettering as well. Malavika has shown how all this can be achieved in her work only through her own intensity and the will to create something that magnanimous.


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			 								Solo Art Exhibitions-

2009 - EyeSpeak,Shristi Art Gallery, Hyderabad

2015 - Without Acid. Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad

2016- Without Acid (prints only) Art of Delight,Bangalore

2016-Without Acid (Originals Only) Samara Art Gallery,Ahemdabad
Selected Group Art Exhibitions

2009 - Group Show (DLN Reddy, Anusha Reddy and Malavika Reddy0
Aurodhan Art Gallery,Pondicherry

2009 - Group Show (DLN Reddy, Anusha Reddy and Malavika Reddy0
Sarala Art Centre,Chennai

2012 - Femin Dissillience, Muse Art Gallery,Hyderabad

2014 - Group Art Exhibition for Akshar School,Cymroza Art Gallery,Mumbai

2014- Thumbnails, MS University, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery,Vadodara.Gujrat

2014 - Concern India Foundation Group Art Exhibition

2015 - Concern India Foundation Group Art Exhibition

2016- Without Acid (prints only) Art of Delight,Bangalore			 								

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