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“My primary influence has always been nature. Marking from the green environment of Kerala, I grew up in close proximity to nature unfettered. Later exposure to the myriad facets of life which incessantly swirl around an artist, particularly in the diversity and variety of India, has added richness and multiplicity to my experience and to my paintings, which are nothing but my (considered and conditional) response to life and it’s eternal vagaries. My paintings embrace both aspects of life – the good and the bad, the negative and the positive, the beautiful, and the ugly, the light and the dark. They are driven, and derive from the same eternal flux and the struggle between the twin opposing principles that all life owes it’s existence to that so bewilders us, amazes us, but ultimately creates and sustains us.


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			 								In today’s jet age, when most of us are on the run at all times, day after day, working tirelessly, without a minute to spare, there is a frustration building within us, just waiting to erupt like a volcano. The body, mind and soul yearn to escape to a place of calm. The heart shouts out, pleading and urging us to simply slow down. When we finally find that moment to sit, breathe deeply, fill our lungs with fresh air, smell the flowers, take in the greenery and feel the grass…..that is the right time to introspect, relax and meditate. And the moment we do so, we actually break free, and find peace and calm. That is when we actually listen to the sounds of nature, and of silence. That is also when we truly detach ourselves from the material world and connect with Mother Nature.
These paintings reflect the artist’s immense love for nature, and his urge to discover his own self through spirituality. His admiration for all the colours and sounds of nature are clear in the strokes of his brush and in his sincere attempt to establish a link between the Almighty (Eeshwar), nature (prakriti) and the soul (atma).
(Liji Narayan - Art curator)
About the artist
Born in Kerala, Prasanth Mattanur, obtained a Diploma in Fine Arts and Sculpture from the Kerala School of Arts, Tellicherry, in 1985. Since 1987, he has been regularly participating in various art exhibitions at the state and national levels. A recipient of the State Lalit Kala Akademi Award for sculpture, his range of works includes murals, cartoons, as well as experiments with kinetic art.


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