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Priyadarshini Ohol

Priyadarshini Ohol’s art has been described as innovative, bold, mature, interesting, different. Her contemporary art practice combines disciplines, techniques, styles, media, tools, textures to affects the viewer. Effectively balancing dichotomies of impression or reception with expression, fluid art with brush/knife work, abstraction, landscape with figurative, chaos with minimalism. An artist from Bombay, Priyadarshini supported her Mechanical Engineering degree through modelling, ran a couple of businesses, changed things as an activist, took acting lessons in Delhi before a ski accident and surgery led her to find solace in painting. Post recuperation, she moved into the lap of the Dhauladhar Himalayas to paint full time. She lives, paints and performs at her studio in Dharamshala.


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Born in 1982, raised around Bombay-Thane, Priyadarshini Ohol entered the arts full time after a ski accident and surgery equipped with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and experience in business and high impact socio-political activism.

Post recuperation, Ohol spent years in her Himalayan studio in Dharamshala, establishing an influential, independent, avant garde practice which finds expression in painting, performance, video, performative painting, butoh, poetry, articles, interdisciplinary immersive installations, experimental and collaborative works.

This examination and transformation of misery, fate, human experience into thriving life rooted in radical self care, scientific inquiry, authenticity, freedom, play is at the core of her art practice. 

Ohol’s sensitive multilayered performances play with perceptions, challenge norms and change art landscapes. Derivatives of her work appear, the subjects she examines and the language find their way into variegated vocabularies. 			 								

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