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Priyanka Joshi Ceramic Studio
Priyanka Joshi Ceramic Studio

Hello and a warm welcome to my pottery shop! Priyanka Joshi Ceramic Studio has a small but extremely functional setup near Kothrud, Pune. Here you will find a delectable confluence of stoneware based functional as well as décor pottery. All my functional ware is glazed using food-grade glazes and baked at 1200°C and therefore is completely safe for domestic use, including microwave usage. As a studio potter, all my work essentially revolves around hand-building. My entire focus is on the shape and form a pot is likely to embrace organically and its relationship with its surrounding space. So, I always seek to accomplish such unique shapes and forms by letting the clay take over most of the control, while I play a supportive role using just my hands. I strongly believe that nothing understands and interacts better with a lump of clay than a human touch! I love the ‘Raku’ technique and I also enjoy exploring it. Most of my décor pieces are born as a result of these absolutely delightful ‘Raku’ explorations. The word ‘Raku’ is synonymous with ‘enjoyment’; which for me, truly captures the barrage of human emotions a potter and a patron alike go through, when they admire the allure and aura of a diligently made marvel that is ‘Raku’! So, please do join me in this wonderful endeavour. Nothing would please me more than to see my work bringing a little ray of sunshine to your lives!


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			 								Hi! I am Priyanka Joshi, a professional studio potter and the owner of Priyanka Joshi Ceramic Studio.
As a formally trained ‘mural artist’, I find a profound sense of joy and satisfaction in creating unique yet distinctly organic shapes or forms and visualizing their spatial relationship in a given composition. For me, the subtle and gentle nature of these forms is of paramount importance, like the pebbles in a riverbed laying just underneath the cool, clear waters. 
It took me a while to realize that my unique brand of forms are born to be expressed in clay. As soon as I began working with clay, I saw these shapes and forms truly emerge, exactly as I had imagined them! In retrospect, clay helped me become the kind of artist I was always destined to be.
It gives me immense joy when people identify me for my work as a studio potter! What can be more satisfying than to be appreciated for your work? So, I welcome you to visit my little world of pottery at Priyanka Joshi Ceramic Studio.			 								

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