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Rahul Solanki

The medium of my work is paper collage. My work is created with fragments of paper and recycled imagery collected from my daily life and wanderings. My works on paper help me piece together the past and make up the parts I cannot know. I am especially intrigued with colors, textures, shapes, and negative spaces in everyday materials. The process of and then re-integrating many pieces, to create something completely new, is an intuitive and ongoing visual experiment. Each collage begins with a premise or simply an evocative piece of paper. The technique I use is tearing off small bits of paper and gluing them layer by layer to create forms. Like a puzzle, the composition evolves one piece at a time. I continue to tear, rip, or otherwise manipulate possible elements, making decisions about what works and what is needed next to complete the work. A wet working technique eventually melds the palette of re-purposed papers together into fresh, layered imagery with new associations and meanings that reflect my interest in concepts of time, balance, movement, and growth.


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			 								Rahul attained his National Diploma in Fine Art from the Government College of Fine Art, Indore. He has exhibited solo shows at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi (2011) and at Reflection Art Gallery, Indore (2010). His group shows include the Nehru Centre, Mumbai (2015), AIFACS, New Delhi (2014), Devlalikar Kala Vithika, Indore (2013), Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi (2012), Apparao Art Gallery, New Delhi (2011/2010) and at Work Bank, New Delhi (2010) among many others. Solanki‟s commissioned works include the T2 Airport Terminal in Mumbai, and he has received the Best Jury Award by Camel Art Foundation in 2014. Rahul‟s work documents missing memories, alcoves, beehives, and portraits. His work investigates the connection between past and future events through their own individual patterns of movement, or orbits.


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