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Rakhi Baid

In shadows when I remained, ‘ART’ drew me towards the light of existence and gave a new meaning to my being. Painting came to me as a medium of expression of emotions that remained untold. Art to me,is a way of living life in harmony with one’s own-self. Creativity pulls me like a magnet towards itself and the passion keeps going, discovering new ends to life.


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			 								Born with an intrinsic talent and creativity, from a small town Rajgangpur in Odissa, Rakhi Baid started her art journey through paintings with varied subjects and themes. Her paintings are a way of expression of untold, withheld feelings. An avid Krishna devotee, Rakhi Baid paints the god regularly using unique composition, yet always employing universally adopted Krishna motifs. Be it traditional or contemperory art – Lord Krishna offers endless inspiration. Being a self taught artist, Rakhi tries to freeze moments in time through her paintings. Her paintings bring out the yearning of the devotee in all its glory, evoking a sense of mystique, lingering moments of introspection and inspiration, a deep spiritual resting point and a feeling of shunyata - the point where the creator and the created become one.			 								

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