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Ramesh Terdal

The current series of paintings are inhabited by expressive beings apparently engrossed in their own thoughts, often with their eyes closed to their surroundings. They seem to retreat inwards into a private space, leaving the context of the narrative open ended. His muse is the innocent woman, silent and guileless; he creates myths around these feminine forms depicted through subtle gestures, postures and expressions. Their solitude enhances the introspective quality of the work, reflecting the artist’s own bent of mind.


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			 								The onlooker can appreciate is the handling of the human figure where a linear contour efficiently interrelates with the delicate plasticity evoked in a translucence and partial opacity which Mr.Terdal focuses on. Terdal presents a consciously etched rustic mood and appearance in his work, Using deep brown colors and textures for the background, he tries to draw the viewer’s attention to the simple and restful ambience of the village life. Terdal has arrived at a contemporary take on his own modular contemporary representative work. Still working with similar strokes, but the urban and popular subject matter has led his brush towards a different exemplar. Unlike many of present-day artists who combine these themes with multi-media techniques, led of course by the overwhelming embrace of digital media, Terdal merely paints.			 								

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