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Rangili is a young, creative jewelry brand in Kolkata. It started out of enthusiasm for jewelry and passion for entrepreneurship. Rangili, as we tweaked its conventional meaning, signifies celebration of all colors. Rangili for us stands for diversity and inclusivity, where there is something for everyone. We started Rangili by purchasing DIY jewelry supplies from the local market worth rupees two hundred and within an overnight’s time we made twelve pairs of handcrafted earrings out of them. Within next five days we sold those among our friends and acquaintances. Our work received appreciation for creativity and skillful finishing. Encouragement and unconditional support from friends helped us to put up Rangili’s first tiny street corner display, on a straw mat and two bricks, at the International Kolkata Book Fair in 2017. Our Philosophy We believe true happiness can only be achieved through happiness of all. The guiding principles that shapes our core values are – •Re-defining beauty and fashion by questioning their conventional understandings. Thus making fashion a tool for empowerment rather than psycho-social, cultural and economical exclusion. •Facilitating a sustainable process to keep the creative jewelry art forms, such as Meenakari jewelry, tribal jewelry etc., those are nearing extinction, alive by dealing with them and bringing them to the larger creative jewelry market. •Building relationships for creative collaborations with youths, upcoming designers and individuals from marginalized section of the society. •Being utmost careful that our work is not harming the environment in anyway and/or not adding to the urban pollution.


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			 								Rangili is a joint venture by two friends Madhurima & Reshmi. Both of them were well settled in corporate sectors however, they were not happy. While the unethical practices in banking sector made Madhurima question her own work ethics; Reshmi being a software engineer, felt suffocated and frustrated working continuously at a desk-job designation where she was completely alienated from the end product of her work. Hence, they both resigned from their respective jobs and started Rangili.

Within Kolkata we deliver in person and for outside Kolkata we will use courier service.


In case you have been delivered a defective/wrong product, please reach out to us with images and we shall be happy to help.



RATNA Bose bhattacharyaJune 21, 2017

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