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Sandeep Chhatraband

I work in watercolor & acrylic on canvas and especially on ghats of the temples while in college i did a lots of work in watercolor on various topics and techniques ranging from seascape,city-capes to landscapes. The 'Ghats of Varanasi' are unique, tranquil as well as full of energy so i like to depict the ghats of Varanasi. I had been to Varanasi many times and almost in every season of year. the changing hues of Varanasi are so exciting that i experience vivid transformation every second. I found joy in on the spot painting at ghats and has many on the spot works in my collection. the flow and crowd of people is so eloquent that its really fun to depict it. one more thing i noticed the difference that the minds of people wandering on ghats are conquered by the religious thoughts which reflect in their activities and on faces and i love capturing those minds in watercolor.


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			 								Sandeep Chhatraband is trying to preserve the beauty and serenity of the Heritage and Nature which are on the verge of extinction from 18 Years. The aesthetic value of the various heritages and nature itself attracts the artist towards these monuments and artist is enthusiastic to depict these through his unique style. His efforts will preserve the essence for future generations. The Indian culture reflects in the art and this specifically nurture our cultural values deeply in the heart. His art is nothing but the pure efforts to preserve great Indian culture.			 								

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