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Nature is in a constant motion and it keeps evolving every moment. This moment is the beauty of its soul—and when this motion expresses its feelings through the spectrum of colors, it creates a treat for your eyes.
He looked at those colors during the day and later dreamed about them in the night. He looked at the starts, connected them with invisible lines and formed shapes he knew—he saw geometric shapes in everything and everywhere. And on another day he drew those shapes on rock and filled them with the colors of nature.
He might not be able to explain these shapes to everyone, but one thing is for sure, they are directly from his heart and expressions of his soul.
When these efforts ignite a thought in a person, it becomes a message for that person and later for the community. Many of the messages we know of today, are from such dreamers. Some call them Prophets, but for some, they are pure Artists.
This is one humble effort in that direction.


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			 								Since born and brought up in a family of hardworking farmers as ancestors, I am a farmer by birth. But, by nature I am a dreamer and it turned me as a graphic designer and later transformed me as an artist.
As part of my job I stayed in different parts of the country, worked with various organizations, introduced to wonderful people, and gathered valuable lessons and beautiful memories. I learned from my surroundings. Yes, I am a self taught artist and still learning, and I believe learning is a never ending process.
If you ask me about the inspiration behind my works, let me give that credit to my surroundings, the nature, the people, the places, the incidents happened in my life.
I love this journey. I love to make this journey more beautiful with a constant and deliberate effort. And I am using this as platform to share my happiness I am achieving through these artworks.

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