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Sriya Decor

Sriya has been conceptualized in Gujarat, land of handicrafts, which are an integral part of the lives of people. Embroideries amongst the art and craft section of Gujarat stand apart. There are various types of embroidery like 'Patola', 'Rabari', 'Mutwa', and 'soof' etc. An honest effort to preserve ancient arts and crafts and make it a part of out lives. A hand embroidered work is more artistic and personal, making it the ideal way to create a special heirloom or a source of pride for the person who owns it. The process requires an investment of time and heart to include the details that will make the embroidery stand out. Nothing can beat the beauty of articles made with love and vision, the designs carved meticulously on various clothes bears a powerful imprint of the old tradition. Life is a celebration of colours !!!!!! Well come to the world of hand embroidered wall hangings for creating beautiful memories. Please do visit our listings and we will be happy to create custom designs as per your requirement.


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			 								A venture started by mother daughter duo. Am a Banker turner entrepreneur pursuing the passion of handicraft along with my mother who is the heart behind the creations. A venture started  with a zest for life and belief that happiness is homemade through handmade articles to adorn the wall of you home and create memories 			 								

I don't accept returns But please contact me if you have any problems with your order. Free shipping within India for goods above 8000


Terms and Conditions : - 1. We accept customized orders also. Estimated time will be 15-20 days as all this décor items are hand made. 2. Colors may appear different on different monitors and in different lighting conditions. 3. Custom duty charges, if any in your country, will be borne by customer 4. No return policy


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