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Sukriti Datt

My mind is my warehouse, where with the interaction with external stimulants I create what is best known to me. My work is a process which is organic and fluid in nature, where travel, reading and exposure to various cultures influence my work, therefore I believe my work is dynamic which is subject to change just the way our true, natural being is! As an artist, personally, I have never run behind style or language and have let my personality and my work follow its natural course since sooner or later everything develops and matures in a hospitable and positive environment to achieve its full potential. My work has always been a culmination of my being, scientific, free spirited, artistic and above all naturalistic. One would notice a deliberate pattern in my work and i.e. the use of small fragments to create a bigger picture, which has flow, rhythm and ultimately unifies as one, just the same way individual yet not isolated experiences come together to frame life. Usually my work contains elements which are readily available in nature like wood, stone, dust which later are treated for sustenance and infused with techniques and mediums deep rooted in our Indian culture. Like in this particular series, "an attempt to contour the organic", I have used Bhojpatra bark or Birch tree bark which I got from Kashmir in 2013 and treated it and observed its interaction with the environment for whole 2 years. Later I used lines which are made by using Kalamkari handmade pens which I got from Mysore in 2012. The flowy details depict contour lines to show the geographical representation of an area in an artistic way highlighting the flamboyance of nature.


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			 								Creativity is inborn and is spontaneous but one needs a channel to optimize its use and fortunately after school my utmost development happened in College of Art, New Delhi where my technicalities and vision as an artist grew. I specialized in Painting with Etching being my subsidiary subject from which I developed patience and the will and the hard work required to attain the desired outcome. 
My journey till now has been eventful and each experience has been enriching in its own way and in turn has contributed in the wholesome growth of me as a person and as an artist. I believe an artist has the capability of creating extraordinary from ordinary.
After my Graduation I worked with Delhi Art Gallery for a year in the Research and Development department. Here I got the opportunity to interact with people from different walks of life who were dealing with different aspects of art. I have a studio in Lucknow and I exhibit my work through exhibitions in different parts of the country.

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