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Suruchi Jamkar

Suruchi has a strong foundation in drawing, painting, pottery, and murals complemented by knowledge of different techniques and various media, with a vivacious urge for expanding the horizon of experiences. The artist finds her paintings and art works in the collections of over hundreds of private customers, govt. and private institutions including the fashion design institutes. She is on the top of favorites list of many leading architects and interior designers of central India. The artist has travelled the length and breadth of India, Europe and East Asia studying and getting inspirations. Her paintings reveal her inspirations from the art masters of London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon, Florence, Venice, Rome & Paris, etc; while retaining her intrinsic inspirations from the Indian places such as Ladakh, Andaman & Nicobar islands, the colorful land of Rajasthan, the prehistoric caves of Bhimbetka and from the hidden realms of imagination and dreams. She has learnt an art of Fresco and Tempera under the able guidance of Lt. Devakinandan Sharma at the Vanasthali Vidyapeeth. Suruchi has demonstrated her talent and creativity on-stage performing Live on two separate occasions. She painted live in a ‘jugalbandhi’ with vocal artists in an Indian classical music event titled Barse Rang Malhar, in 2008 to an audience of over a thousand. In 2011 Suruchi painted Live in front of an audience of a Lac in harmony with Classical Vocal artists and dancers in an event called Lay Tarang , organized by Art of Living. She has demonstrated her skills in art beyond painting are also in Stoneware and Pottery Glazing and making the life-size murals on huge walls. Making innovative hand made papers at her father’s paper mill to satisfying her creative urges with stoneware pottery are only a few of the many talents she possesses.


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			 								Suruchi Andhare-Jamkar, a Graduate from Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai and Post Graduate in Creative Painting from Lalit Kala Vibhag, Nagpur University, has held several exhibitions in many cities of India in the last few years. Her paintings depict the young artist’s journey into the human psyche and her relation with life. She speaks of existence and of the spirit of a young girl’s dialogue with her personal space through the medium of art. Her paintings embody images from the external world as well as real and surreal impressions and expressions from the mysterious realms of human imagination.

Artworks shall be shipped rolled via reputed courier services only, please do not accept the shipment if it appears damaged/tampered with on arrival.


Images are closest representation of actual painting. However there could be minor variations between the image and the actual painting due to media limitation. I do not accept returns. In the rare event of receiving a defective/wrong artwork, please reach out to me with images, and I shall be happy to help.


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