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Every Suta product has a special journey as well and many of the products take weeks of dedicated work and immense craftsmanship before they are ready. The process of weaving every saree is a celebration of centuries of tradition and the authenticity of Indian arts and every Suta Queen who embraces Suta carries the love, magic and beauty that truly shine through.


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			 								Suta has been the journey of Sujata and Taniya (Su and Ta) putting their heart and soul into spreading love through sarees and apparel. It all started when the sisters had a conversation with weavers in West Bengal and witnessed the magical process of how a saree is made. They saw that it was not just a way to make a product but the brilliant hands of the weavers were actually pouring life into the saree that became a living, breathing entity reverberating with the warmth of love. It was this warmth that Su and Ta thought should reach the entire world.
They then decided to quit their well-paying jobs and worked at bringing out the best of sarees, dresses and blouses that were ‘dipped in love’. This was a journey of uncertainty, challenges and struggle for Su and Ta, having no formal background in fashion or ecommerce per se. But, their passion kept them going and every obstacle became a learning point for them.			 								

Orders are delivered within 5 to 6 working days. Unless otherwise specifically mentioned in the product details. Delivery of all orders will be duly done to the address as mentioned by you at the time of placing the order.


If you have received the product in a bad condition or if the packaging is tampered with, please refuse the package. The replacement will be issued to you with no additional cost. Raise your return request within 48 hours of receiving the shipment.


“simply beautiful and elegant, good for office wear, with a bit of accessories can be used for informal occasion too. love it.”

BHAVANA November 19, 2020

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