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Vanitas Collections

Conceptualized and established back in 1998, Vanitas Collections was Sajal's and Rishab's dream to offer ethnic, nomadic, organic textiles from and around the bordering territories of India. Rishab sourced hand woven textiles from Manipur, Sikkim, Pochampalli,Bhutan, Meghalaya etc.
Vanitas Collections is now an independent, creative, forward thinking design studio where we consider ourselves as natural-born storytellers. Well, most of us are. And that seeps into every part of our brand—we believe homes should tell stories—and not just the walls, but what adorns them. Exquisitely hand painted, well-loved pieces rule down here, and often inspired by different cultures, subjects, traditions and artists. So it makes sense that at Vanitas, we put on display painstakingly hand painted fine bone china plates that mean so much to the artists who create them. They are like our children, and once ready, they must make a place for themselves in the world. But we’re not just romantic story tellers, we’re practical too. By hanging plates on the wall to decorate, you kill two birds with ones stone—the walls get decorated (no framing required!) and you can slowly keep adding to the collection. In time, these plates can be rearranged, they can be moved from once place to the other as per the requirement of your space. Our love for wall plates will never die, and we hope for the same for you too.


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			 								Sajal and Rishab have nurtured the dream to relaunch Vanitas Collections  ever since 2007, but their ideas materialized only in 2015 when they decided to jointly spear head the venture. With Sajal's background in finance and business and Rishab's creativity, Vanitas Collections was literally reincarnated, nto its new form(as opposed to what it used to be back in 1999), this time with a focus on Decorative Hand Painted Ceramics. 			 								

All wall plates will take up to a week to ship as they need to be hand painted especially when an order is placed. Hand painting is a painstaking task and needs time. ***BUYERS ARE STRONGLY ADVISED NOT TO WIPE PLATES WITH A WET CLOTH OR WASH THEM. ALL PLATES SHOULD ONLY BE LIGHTLY DUSTED


Since each piece will be created specially for you after the order is placed, artwork once sold will not be returned. Please reach out to me within 36 hours of receipt in case you have concerns for me to review and I shall be happy to help. We could offer a replacement where the product shall be picked up from the buyer (buyers requested to pack well in the original [packaging), and their choice of replacement of similar value sent to them at no additional cost. In case of extenuating circumstances wherein a refund has to be made to an unsatisfied buyer, the same shall be made on the total amount of the plate alone. NOTE:Shipping charges are not refundable ***BUYERS ARE STRONGLY ADVISED NOT TO WIPE PLATES WITH A WET CLOTH OR WASH THEM. ALL PLATES SHOULD ONLY BE LIGHTLY DUSTED.


For all the wall plates, organic paint has been used to colour them. These colours have a matt texture, and may bleed if they come in contact with liquid. HENCE, BUYERS ARE STRONGLY ADVISED NOT TO WIPE PLATES WITH A WET CLOTH OR WASH THEM.ALL PLATES SHOULD ONLY BE LIGHTLY DUSTED .These should not be used to serve food, they are to be hung on walls for purely decorative purpose only. All plates are wall hanging and come with an attached fixture at the back. Although all efforts are made to create identical plates to that of the images published on the website, there could be minor shade/pattern differences, as all plates are individually hand crafted and painted when an order is placed.Please remember that these plates are not digitally printed or machine made and are made by human hands, usually by different artists, which is why minor variations can occur.


“Stunning tile. A little larger than I expected though”

Deepa AlexanderAugust 18, 2021

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